IBB Overview

Industry Building Blocks (IBB) is the first company to define the global economy by industry, at the granular (five forces) level where head-to-head competition takes place.

   Based on IBB’s analysis, the top 23,000 industries of the global economic pie account for over 98% of global GDP.   To appreciate IBB’s precision, paper napkins, paper towels and tissues are each viewed by IBB as distinct multi-billion dollar global industries, even though they are often used as substitutes.  (To those familiar with the 1,057 NAICS codes – where blimps, commercial jets and fighter planes get the same NAICS code – IBB is 20x more precise.)

Make you decision with IBB precision. [TM]:


IBB History

The development of the IBB database started well over 22 years ago.  In many respects the effort began in 1986 when IBB’s founder read the landmark books Competitive Advantage and Competitive Strategy by Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University and the Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness. Leveraging Porter’s ideas:

which gave birth to a new strategically relevant industry information category: