IBB Solutions

  1. IBB Company Line-of-Business Analysis  (sample Company LOB Analysis)
  2. IBB Company LOB Analysis with competitors for each
  3. IBB Company LOB Analysis with an IBB Industry Analysis for each
  4. IBB Companies Side-by-Side Analysis @ the LOB Level (see samples)
  5. IBB Market Area Analysis  (in terms of the granular Industries that make up the market area – sample Market Area Analysis.)
  6. IBB Market Area Analysis with competitors and brand names for each industry
  7. IBB Industry Analysis  (sample Industry Data)
NEW:  IBB Custom BI Solution Input File
  • Select from the 22,000 IBB industries (or from the 3,000 IBB Industry Groups) for that portion of the economy of interest to you and IBB will create a custom Excel input file for your company’s internal BI solution based on the Industry Data fields you select
NEW:  IBB Enterprise Solutions
  1. IBB “Industry” Taxonomy 3000  (The global economy 3x more granular than NAICS)
  2. IBB “Industry” Taxonomy 3000 Plus  (Above + sample product/service offerings for each)
  3. IBB Global Competitor Dashboard 3000  (Above plus competitors for each)
  4. IBB Global Brand Competitors 50000  (Above including brand names for each)
  5. IBB Industry Taxonomy 22,000  (The global economy @ Porter 5 Forces level)
  6. IBB Industry Taxonomy 22,000 Plus  (Above + competitors and brand names for each industry)
  7. IBB Model of the Global Economy  (Above + all Industry Data for 22,000 global industries)

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