The same industry template is used to analyze each of the 21,000+ industries. Example industry: “Apparel Stores for the Whole Family.”


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Select any market area + industry information of interest:

  • Industry Name
  • IBB (Logical) Hierarchy
  • Industry Definition  (usually one sentence)
  • Industry Projected Revenues  & Growth Rates (5 years out)
  • Industry Geographic Scope  (most are global)
  • Industry Five Forces Scores + Weighting (based on information below:
  • [1a] Industry Competitors by Corporate Parent
  • [1b] Industry Competitors by Intermediate
  • [1c] Industry Competitors by Brand
  • [ 2 ] Industry Potential Entrants  (not included in IBB’s BI Solution)
  • [3a] Industry Channels (Intermediate Buyer Types)
  • [3b] Industry Customer Types (End Users)
  • [ 4 ] Industry Substitutes
  • [ 5 ] Industry Vendor Types
  • Industry Market Share Data
  • Industry Attractiveness Scores  (using above)
  • Industry Category: Physical Product; Service; and/or Non-physical Product
  • Industry Product & Service Segments
  • Industry Complements
  • Industry Target Category: Consumers; Businesses and/or Government
  • Industry Customer Decision Makers
  • Industry Customer Purchase Criteria
  • Industry Channel Purchase Criteria
  • Industry Start – Relatively new industry, or not
  • Industry Trends
  • Economic Trends  (which impact this industry)
  • Geopolitical Trends  (impacting this industry)
  • Demographic Trends  (impacting this Industry)
  • Technology Trends  (impacting this industry)
  • Industry Success Factors
  • Industry Uncertainties  (for Scenario Planning)
  • Generic Industry Processes & Activities
  • Generic Industry Business Driver: Things; People; Money; Tech & Platforms (Work in Progress)
  • Industry IOT Profile
  • Industry Expected Impact by 5G (positive or negative)
  • Industry Shared Value Responsibilities
  • Industry X-Ref to U.S. Clusters & Subclusters
  • Industry X-Ref to NAICS Codes
  • Industry X-Ref to UN’s ISIC Codes
  • Industry Keywords  (for Search and input for big data analytics)
  • Additional Industry Information not represented above

Note to Wall St and quants everywhere: yes we have historical data. From July 2010 to December 2015 we have some backups that were lying around before we appreciated your focus on historical data. (IBB’s main focus is maintaining the best model of the global economy as it exists today.) Since 12-Dec-2015 IBB maintains weekly historical data. (Great to watch and Alphabet expand their LOBs.)