IBB Management

Alan S. Michaels, the owner of Industry Building Blocks LLC, leads the IBB Research Team. View
Al’s bio on LinkedIn

Michaels is passionate, focused and driven to continually improve what is already the best model of the global economy by industry. 

Because IBB is positioned as a pure Research company – and not as a business consulting firm – IBB has been able to leverage its relationships with its business channels, vendors and customers to great competitive advantage.

IBB Advisory Board Members
Cliff Olin – Managing Director, Olin Capital Advisors Inc
Jeff Smith – Consultant
Tom Kowalik – President, Kowalik & Associates LLC

IBB Channels
• IBB data is now exclusively available by Industry Knowledge Graph LLC

IBB Access to Additional Research
To increase its research capabilities, IBB has engaged a local firm which provides research data (leveraging resources associated with Binghamton University and elsewhere).