Industry Building Blocks
Industry & Competitive Intelligence
IBBCS User Interface provides access to the Top 16,000 industries using TIBCO's Spotfire on demand business intelligence solution.

Here is a TIBCO-developed sample of how the user interface works:

Using the solution, with just four clicks (to select Industry: Sector, Subsector, Group and Subgroup) you can access the industries you are interested in, and view the industry dashboards one after another. (View sample Industry Dashboard)

In addition, you can use the powerful "Filter" capability to search and select industries in an unlimited number of ways. The demo above gives a good view into how the filter works, with the information changing almost instantly.
Use of the Filter capability highlights the far superior design of the IBBCS, which is a listing of 16,000 strategically distinct industries.  Specifically, the IBBCS can be searched and grouped in an unlimited number of ways - which is in sharp contrast to the one fixed hierarchical view that is used by each of the government-developed industry classification systems, such as NAICS, SIC, ISIC, etc.)