Industry Building Blocks
Industry & Competitive Intelligence
Why LoB Info Matters
Line-Of-Business information matters. In fact, it's superior than industry group information; and here's why:

Industry information at the line-of-business (five forces) level can be added together when required - the reverse is not true. If you start with industry group or industry sector information, which is what traditional information vendors provide, you cannot decouple the information to correctly analyze a line of business.

Line-of-Business information represents real intelligence because it has to be created by analysis. (
All of the information in the knowledgebase was developed through analysis and entered by hand.)

Most companies do not  report information at the line-of-business level because this information is the most sensitive - it is at the line-of-business level that true competition takes place.

Imagine if you started a new business in any of the following industries (lines of business). Using and the Industry Building Blocks Classification System you have access to five forces information for each industry shown below; whereas most other sources would not distinguish between the (billion dollar plus) industries shown on each row below:
  • Payroll Software Vs.  Accounts Receivable Software
  • Mainframe manufacturing Vs.  Blade Server manufacturing
  • Commercial Trucking insurance Vs.  Commercial Marine Insurance
  • Property Reinsurance Vs.  Casualty Reinsurance
  • Import Letter-of-Credit Services Vs.  Export Letter-of-Credit Services
  • Debit Card Services Vs.  Credit Card Services
  • Napkin manufacturing Vs.  Paper Towel manufacturing
  • Pen manufacturing Vs.  Pencil manufacturing
  • Business Shoe manufacturing Vs.  Tennis Sneaker manufacturing
  • Heart Transplant Services Vs.  Liver Transplant Services
  • Ovarian cancer drug manufacturing Vs.  Brain cancer drug manufacturing
  • Male Condom manufacturing Vs.  Female Condom manufacturing
  • Popcorn manufacturing Vs.  Potato Chip manufacturing
  • Orange Juice manufacturing Vs.  Grape Juice manufacturing
  • Aircraft Wheel manufacturing Vs.  Aircraft Windshield manufacturing
  • Tank manufacturing Vs.  Naval Gun manufacturing
  • White Masterbatch manufacturing Vs.  Color Masterbatch manufacturing
  • Bridge Construction Vs.  Tunnel Construction
  • Gold Mining Vs.  Zinc Mining
  • Gantry Crane manufacturing Vs.  Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes manufacturing
  • Soap Opera TV Show production Vs.  Game Show TV Production
  • Professional Football Vs.  College Football
  • General Department Stores Vs.  Upscale Department Stores
  • Upscale Steakhouse Restaurants Vs.  Limited-Service Fast Food Chicken Restaurants
  • Beer & Ale Distribution Services Vs.  Liquor, Spirits & Distilled Alcoholic Distribution Services
Analyzing competitors and other information at the line-of-business industry level shown above is critical for making good business decisions.