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Industry Reports
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Sample Industry Report [using data from 2010]
                               INDUSTRY ANALYSIS
Industry Name                                                         
Hardware Servers / Blade Server Manufacturing
Industry Definition                                                  
Blade servers are highly compacted versions of a server that include a circuit board with components such as processors, memory, and network connections, all designed to slide into standard industry racks. They require little space, and little administrative overhead.
Industry Hierarchy                                      
 Industry Sector:        IT, Business Consulting & Business Services            
    Industry Subsector: IT Hardware & Peripherals                            
      Industry Group:    Enterprise Hardware Systems                        
        Industry Subgroup:         Hardware Servers                              
Industry Geographic Scope                                    
The geographic scope of this industry is: Global                              
Industry Attractiveness                                           
Very High      Industry Attractiveness Grade                     
129                Industry Attractiveness Score                                              
      4         Industry Size Factor                                               
      5         Industry Growth Rate Factor                                             
   120         Industry Five Forces Score                                     
        108          Competitive Rivalry                      
          97          Bargaining Power of Potential Entrants    
        102          Substitute Power               
          50          Customer Power               
          50          Vendor Power                   
(The strength of each industry force is ranked on a scale from 50 to 150, with 150 the highest score. The "Industry Five Forces Score" is then computed as the weighted average sum of [the inverse of] the five forces scores.)
Industry Size & Growth Rates                               
                                                       2010    2011    2012    2013    2014
            Industry Size, US $ millions   $4,995 $5,694  $6,263  $6,889   $7,371
            Industry Growth Rates             11%     14%     10%     10%     7%
Product Segments                                                    
x86 EPIC blade servers with one processor;                                                                        
x86 EPIC blade servers with two processors;                                                                      
x86 EPIC blade servers with four processors;                                                                      
RISC blade servers;                                                              
Blades with switching, routing, storage, SAN and fibre-channel access;                                        
Diskless, anonymous and interchangeable blades;                                                               
Blades for data center and HPC applications;                                                                      
Non-stop business critical blade servers;                                                      
Customer Segments                                     
Companies with large data center needs in relatively space-constrained facilities;
Enterprise market;                                                                 
Mid size companies;                                                              
Web hosting companies;                                           
Channel Segments                                                    
Hardware resellers;                                                               
Value Added Distributors;                                                               
Global System Integrators;                                                               
Regional System Integrators;                                                            
End Users                                                     
IT professionals;   IT architects - systems analysts / designers & integration managers;                                                                      
Complementary Products & Services                               
Blade management tools; Hardware server maintenance services; Operating software                                                                  
Substitute Products & Services                               
Blade server workstations; Standard rack-mounted server; PC servers; Other types of servers;                                      
Buyer Decision Makers                                           
CIOs; IT Staff; 
Buyer Purchase Criteria                                         
Purchase Price; Maintenance Costs; Total Cost of Ownership; Availability of bundled financing; Market share; Brand image; Perceived product quality; Sales force knowledge; Advertising; Analyst reviews; Energy efficient design; Optimal design for environmental safety; 
Distribution Channel Purchase Criteria                            
Channel commission % of purchase price; Promotional support including market development funds; Business partner program rules and ease of doing business; Number of customers / market share; Quality of customer service provided to end customer; Quality of service provided to the channel to help support the end customer;                                                                
Industry Success Factors                                         
Ability to win new customers to increase market share;
Vendor Types                                                           
Highly-skilled IT professionals; IT infrastructure related products and services; Consulting and market research services; 
Industry Trends                                                       
Industry consolidation continues; Increasing need to provide products and services on a global basis; Competitors continue decreasing cycle time in bringing products and services to market; An increasing number of customers rely on Internet sources for purchase-related information;                                                                      
Economic & Business Trends                                             
Global GDP increasing 2.5%; Economic growth in China and India is fueling industry growth;
Geopolitical & Demographic Trends                                 
Freedom and capitalism is expanding globally;                                                                      
Technology Trends                                                  
Company IT architectures are implementing web services; New business designs & open standards exploiting Internet ubiquity are increasing; Our planet is increasingly becoming instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent;            
Additional Industry Information                            
It is steadily getting easier to interconnect: blades; expansion blades; blade enclosures; and blade management tools from different vendors.
Future Uncertainties                                    
The rate of M&A among competitors is uncertain; The number of new entrants in the next few years is uncertain; The growth rate of the number of customers is uncertain;    
Competitors by Top Corporate Parent                              
Hewlett-Packard; Egenera Inc; Dell; International Business Machines; Rackable Systems Inc; 
Competitors by Immediate Parent                         
HP Industry Standard Servers; HP BladeSystem c-Class Integrity Server Blades; BladeFrame EX; Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers; IBM BladeCenter Servers; Rackable Systems Inc; HP ProLiant Blade System servers; ; 
Competitors by Brand                                             
HP bc1500 Blade PC; NB50000c Integrity NonStop BladeSystem; BladeFrame EX Processing Blades; PowerEdge M6002-Socket, Intel Quad-Core Half Height Blade Server; IBM BladeCenter PN41Deep Packet Inspection blade server; Rackable Systems Inc; HP bc2000 Blade PC; HP bc2500 Blade PC; HP ProLiant BL465c blade servers; IBM BladeCenter QS22 blade server with Cell/B.E. processor; IBM BladeCenter JS12 Express blade server with Power processor; 
Industry Revenue by World Geographic Region             
                                  Revenue      Percentage                              
United States                 $1,399           28%                            
Canada                         $   150             3%                            
Americas - All Other      $   400             8%                            
Europe                         $1,299           26%                            
Middle East                   $   250             5%                            
Africa                           $   150             3%                            
Japan                           $   500           10%                            
China                           $   350             7%                            
Other Asia Pacific          $   500            10%                            
TOTAL                        $1,211        100%                          
Social Responsibility Linkages                                
Social CSR - Computer literacy around the world;
Cross-Reference to Government Industry Codes                         
NAICS 334119 -    Electronic Computer Manufacturing                  
SIC      3571     -    Electronic Computers                                          
SEC     3571     -    Electronic Computers                                          
ISIC    3000     -    Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery