Industry Building Blocks
Industry & Competitive Intelligence
Industry & Company Information Services
(Based on the Industry Building Blocks Classification System [TM])

Industry Reports

1.        Industry Group Report / Market Area Report (PDF file) A list of industries which make up the market area of your choosing. 

2.        Industry Analysis Report (PDF file). A seven page industry analysis.*

Company Reports

3.        Company Line-of-Business Summary Report (PDF file) lists each of the lines-of-business (industries) the company competes in based on IBB proprietary research in the development of the Industry Building Blocks Classification System. For example, the PepsiCo Line-of-Business Summary Report lists 62 lines of business (industries) in which PepsiCo competes.

4.        Company Competitor Report lists the granular industries a company compete in along with competitors for each Line of Business

5.        Company Lines of Business Report with US “industry” coding information (where each industry is listed along with its associated NAICS code, US Cluster Name, and US Subcluster Name).

6.        Company Line-of-Business Detailed Analysis Report (PDF file) [AKA: The Corporate Planning Starter Information Package]:  Using the Industry Building Blocks Classification System we generate Company Line-of-Business Detail Reports, on demand. A Company Line-of-Business Detail Report consists of a few cover pages and an industry analysis for each industry (line of business) the company competes in, as defined by the IBBCS. Each industry analysis uses a standard seven-page industry analysis format. For example, because the IBBCS shows PepsiCo competing in 62 lines of business, the PepsiCo Line-of-Business Detail report is 437 pages long. (62x7)+3 cover pages.

7.        Companies Side-By-Side Report (PDF file). This report leverages the Industry Building Blocks Classification System to normalize all company information in the IBB database to compare up to twelve companies, side-by-side, at the line-of-business level (listing up to 500 unique lines of business).


Also: Global Industry Dashboard for access to portions of the 19,000 IBB Global Industries



Industry Industry Name; Brief Industry Definition; Industry Revenue & Growth Estimates for Five Years; Industry Five Forces information; Industry Competitors (Industry Competitors by: Top Corporate Parent, by Immediate Parent, by Brand);  Industry Customers;  Industry Substitutes; Industry Vendor Types; Industry Product & Service Segments; Industry Customer; Segments; Industry Channel Segments; Industry Complements; Customer Decision Makers; Customer Purchase Criteria; End Users; Distribution Channel Purchase Criteria; Industry Trend; Economic Trends related to this industry; Geopolitical Trends related to this industry; Technology Trends related to this industry; Industry Uncertainties; Industry Success Factors; Industry Social Responsibilities / Shared Value Opportunities; Industry Keywords; Additional industry-specific information; Cross-References to Other Industry Taxonomies (NAICS, US Cluster name); etc.