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Company Line-of-Business Detail Reports
Using the Industry Building Blocks Classification System [TM] we generate Company Line-of-Business Detail Reports, on demand.  A Company Line-of-Business Detail Report consists of a cover page and a an industry analysis for each industry the company competes in as defined by the IBBCS.  Each industry analysis uses a seven-page industry analysis format (not all of which is completed). For example, the IBBCS shows PepsiCo competing in 62 lines of business.  The PepsiCo Line-of-Business Detail report is, therefore, 435 pages long.
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A Company Line-of-Business Detail Report will include a cover page plus an Industry Report for EACH  line of business the company competes in, as defined by the IBBCS.

You can see the first ten pages of a sample Company Line-of-Business Detail Report here.
(The report is for CBS Corporation; and the complete report is 290 pages).