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About provides industry sector information and line-of-business information for 19,000 global industries.

"An industry is a market in which similar or closely related products (or services) are sold to buyers." - Michael E. Porter "Competitive Advantage" begins with the Industry Building Blocks Classification SystemTM - our proprietary global industry taxonomy of 19,000 non-overlapping strategically relevant industries which account for more than 99% of the global economy.

All industry information has been generated through intensive market research - and not the result of computer-to-computer access and reformatting of company reported data.

Company Mission

Our mission is to holistically define the world's economy by industry for the top 20,000 industries, thus providing the best business tool and information resource for understanding and analyzing the global economy.  Albert Einstein once said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler."  With that advice, there is NO fixed (forced) hierarchy used by the Industry Building Blocks Classification System.  Each industry is analyzed individually using the same 7-page industry analysis format (which leverages Michael E. Porter's five forces framework) and you can select and group any of the industries as you require for your analysis. (In practice, it's like a chemist selecting and combining relevant elements to form molecules.)

Using the industry classification system developed above, our mission includes holistically defining all leading global companies by line of business, thus providing suiperior intelligence for analyzing companies and making executive decisions.  

Future Direction: Strategic Decision Making Using Real-Time News Patterns

Targeted Users:

  •   CEOs 
  •   Corporate Group Executives 
  •   Marketing Executives 
  •   Market Intelligence Professionals 
  •   Sales Execs & Sales Account Reps 
  •   Corporate Planners 
  •   CFOs 
  •   CIOs & Business-IT Alignment Execs 
  •   Business Unit Executives 
  •   Product Managers 
  •   Brand Managers
  •   Competitor Intelligence Researchers 
  •   Research & Innovation Managers 
  •   Training Executives / Employees

Plus professionals in specialized industries, including:

  • Brokerage Firms
  • Industry Research Firms
  • Financial Advisor Firms 
  • Market Research Firms 
  • Private Equity Firms 
  • Venture Capital Firms 
  • Investment Management 
  • Hedge Funds Firms 
  • Corporate Training Firms 
  • MBA schools 
  • Business libraries

Industry Building Blocks on LinkedIn

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USE Cases where granularity and the power of detail matter:

Market Intelligence Cloud
Industry Graph (for Google, Bing, etc.)
Global business consulting company
. [Wall-mart / mass market strategy for the masses]
. 50% to 75% of external info already created
. Most consulting can be on demand, over the Internet
. Single projects and Phase 1 for big projects
. Back office support for strategy, marketing and other firms
Automated corporate planning
Taxonomy for job boards (for LinkedIn, also added component of economic graph)
Online education
. Industry education
. Company education
University Libraries / MBA courses / MBA games and Corporate gamification
M&A, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances,  by LOB
Brand classification system
Global e-Commerce classification system (especially for weak B2B)
B2B Data Broker Enhancement content
Directory (Yellow Page idea) + IBB Categories and built in Industry Overviews
Official Act of Congress 2020 – Use either NAICS (past) or IBB (future)